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Frequently Asked Questions

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Birch Mattresses & Bedding Products

What is the Birch 100 Night Sleep Trial?


Should I Choose the Birch Natural Mattress or the Enhanced Birch Luxe Natural Mattress?


How Do I Know if the Birch Luxe Natural Mattress is Right for Me?


Do The Birch Mattresses Work for all Sleeping Positions?


How Will My Birch Mattress Arrive? Is it Really in a Box?


Do I Need A Foundation with my Birch Mattress?


Do I Need a Waterproof Pillow Protector?


How do I Decide between the Waterproof Protector and the Organic Mattress Pad?

Is In-Home Setup & Old Mattress Removal available?

Specialty Discounts

Birch Specialty Discounts

Birch Kids Natural Mattress

Is the Birch Kids Natural Mattress Safe?


Why are there Two Sides to the Birch Kids Natural Mattress?


Why is an Organic Mattress Important for my Child?


What Certifications Does the Birch Kids Natural Mattress Have? What Have you Tested For?


Is the Birch Kids Natural Mattress Hypoallergenic?


What makes the Birch Kids Natural Mattress Different from Other Mattresses?


How does the Birch Kids Natural Mattress rely only on natural materials?

Materials, Safety, & Sustainability

What Organic & Natural Materials Does Birch Use In Its Products?


What Safety Standards and Certifications Has Birch Earned?


I've Heard About Off-Gassing. Do Birch Mattresses Do That?


Why Does Birch Use Organic Wool?


What's So Great About Natural Latex Mattresses?


How Does Birch Make Sustainable Mattresses?

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