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Frequently Asked Questions
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Birch Mattresses & Bedding Products

What is the Birch 100 Night Sleep Trial?
The 100 Night Sleep Trial is our risk-free guarantee that comes along with each and every Birch purchase. Instead of just a few minutes in the store, we're offering 100 nights from the day of delivery so you can enjoy each product in your own home as part of your normal sleep routine.

Should I Choose The Birch Natural Mattress Or The Enhanced Birch Luxe Natural Mattress?
Our two mattresses have similar designs and combine organic cotton, organic wool, and natural latex layers. They’ve also both earned multiple safety and responsible manufacturing credentials. The difference, though, is in the details.

How Do I Know If The Birch Luxe Natural Mattress Is Right For Me?
This upgraded natural & organic model is a premium latex mattress made with organic cotton, organic wool, and organic cashmere in addition to durable, natural latex. We’ve added a few key upgrades to the construction of each layer, providing you with the highest quality natural sleep system around.

Do The Birch Mattresses Work For All Sleeping Positions?
The Birch Natural Mattress and Birch Luxe Natural Mattress both combine responsive natural latex with plush organic wool to provide the best of both pressure relief in your side sleeping positions and medium-firm support on your stomach and back.

How Will My Birch Mattress Arrive? Is It Really In A Box?
At Birch, we’re making your mattress buying experience easier than ever before. Instead of spending your Saturday walking through endless rows of mattresses on display, why not just get a brand new Birch mattress shipped right to your door?

Do I Need A Foundation With My Birch Mattress?
Instead of using interwoven coil wires and a dense foam construction, the Birch natural mattresses rely on individually wrapped steel coils and latex layers to provide maximum comfort and minimize motion transfer. This difference in design, though, requires a few adjustments in the way you might think about support.

Do I Need a Waterproof Pillow Protector?
Nobody wants to sleep on a dirty pillow. But most pillows are spot clean only because machine washing can lead to mold spores and clumping that can cause your pillow to lose its loft and shape. That’s why we’re excited to offer a Waterproof Pillow Protector that safeguards your pillow against residue from everyday use as well as unexpected accidents.

How do I decide between the Waterproof Protector and the Organic Mattress Pad?
Protecting your mattress can mean different things to different people. Some prefer the full confidence of a waterproof layer. Others prioritize coverage against dirt and debris while maintaining the use of only natural and organic materials. That’s why our bedding collection at Birch lets you decide what kind of mattress protection you prefer.

Materials, Safety, & Sustainability

What Organic & Natural Materials Does Birch Use In Its Products?
Our materials come from nature - whether it's organic wool sustainably sheared from New Zealand sheep, 100% natural latex made from sap tapped from rubber trees, or organic Fair Trade cotton. These premium materials are comfortable on your body and your conscience.

What Safety Standards and Certifications Has Birch Earned?
Birch is committed to only using materials that pass rigorous testing to achieve the highest standards and only work with partners that are follow suit. Our goal is to always have our product quality and your safety top of mind.

I've Heard About Off-Gassing. Do Birch Mattresses Do That?
Absolutely not! The Birch Natural Mattress and the Birch Luxe Natural Mattress both use only 100% natural latex and both have earned GREENGUARD Gold Certification, which ensures low chemical emissions that will not compromise your indoor air quality.

Why Does Birch Use Organic Wool?
Did you know that wool is hypoallergenic, sustainable, extremely comfortable, and is highly temperature regulating? We source our organic wool directly from New Zealand so we know exactly where it's coming from and can monitor its high quality the moment it's shorn from the sheep.

What's So Great About Natural Latex Mattresses?
A lot, actually! We only use 100% natural latex in all of our products and they all have earned eco-INSTITUT Certification, GREENGUARD Gold Certification, and Forest Stewardship Council Certification. Additionally, the latex in our premium Birch Luxe Natural Mattress has also gotten Rainforest Alliance Certified™.

How Does Birch Make Sustainable Mattresses?
Besides making our products out of natural and organic sustainable materials, we've also teamed up with partners throughout our supply chain to responsibly source high quality raw materials, encourage ethical practices, and protect working conditions in our factories.

Specialty Discounts

Birch Specialty Discounts
Birch is committed to offering exclusive savings for members of the military, first responders, teachers, and students. Learn more about each program, including eligibility details, here.

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