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Unbox Your Birch Mattress

A more natural night's sleep is just 4 easy steps away. Follow the steps below to open and set up your Birch mattress.

Please note: Your Birch mattress should be opened and expanded within 4 weeks of delivery. 

Step 1


Open the lid of your Birch box and place it on its side. Pull the bed out of the box to unpack.
Unboxing a Birch Luxe Mattress

Step 2


Once out of the box, pull on the plastic tab to unroll your mattress from the rest of the packaging.
Unboxing a Birch Luxe Mattress

Step 3


Place your Birch on your sleeping surface and using scissors, cut carefully to unwrap the final layer of plastic. Be careful not to cut the bed!
Unboxing a Birch Luxe Mattress

Step 4


Your new Birch mattress will need 1-2 hours to unwind and fully expand. And then, it'll be your turn.
Unboxing a Birch Luxe Mattress


Does the Birch Mattress require a foundation?

Although a foundation isn’t required, a support system for your mattress is highly recommended. We recommend using a bunkie board with a box spring or any support system with firm, flat and thick slats. No matter which support system you choose, the slats should be no wider than 5 inches apart as that could cause sagging and could potentially void your warranty.

Should I ever flip my Birch Mattress over?

No - the Birch Mattress is not designed to be flipped over. The ordering of the layers is critical to the performance of the mattress.

How do I clean my Birch Mattress?

To clean your Birch mattress, use warm water to spot clean. We do not recommend that you remove the cover to clean.