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All Natural Materials

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What Are Those Materials, Anyway?

At Birch, we know how much our materials matter. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating high-quality products that are both natural and organic.

That’s also why we’re committed to being transparent about what exactly those materials are every step of the way.

It’s no secret that the Birch mattress combines organic cotton, natural Talalay latex, and organic Birch Wool to create the perfect blend of support, comfort, and durability. And it’s easy to point to our certifications as proof enough that we’re committed to the highest standard possible. 

But we’re happy to go a step further. 

Here’s a look at exactly what materials we use in our Birch products and why we choose to ensure that each and every one of them adheres to the very highest standards.
Organic Birch Wool
Wool from New Zealand Sheep
Our wool selection is key to the comfort you feel from every Birch product and we are proud to rely on sustainable sourcing strategies for this material. Supplied by individual farms across New Zealand and manufactured right here in the United States, our Birch wool is compliant with the PCG Wrightson Wool Integrity program, guaranteeing that we rely solely on free range, pasture fed sheep. See Certification →
Talalay Latex
Talalay Latex Getting Tapped from Trees
The Talalay Latex used in each Birch mattress contributes more than any other material to the support and pressure relief that you need for a great night’s sleep. We source our latex directly from rubber trees across Southeast Asia and we carefully manufacturer this material to ensure consistency across every inch of your mattress.

Our latex is eco-INSTITUT certifed to ensure the utmost safety for you and your loved ones.
See eco-INSTITUT Certification →
Organic Cotton
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The Birch mattress uses organic GOTS Certified cotton in multiple areas because it’s a breathable fiber that is both soft and cool to the touch. For the fabric across the top, bottom, and side of the mattress, we rely on cotton that is sourced right here in the United States.
See GOTS Certification →
Birch Adhesives
Without the right adhesives, your Birch mattress could easily have layers of latex and cotton sliding apart from each other and the steel pocket coils in the base. To keep each layer of your mattress in place, we rely on two non-toxic adhesives that serve very different purposes.

Saba Glue: This water-based adhesive is used in our mattresses to keep our latex and cotton layers in place and in line with one another to maintain the support and comfort of Birch mattress for years and years. 

Powder Adhesive: This powder adhesive is heated before use to provide a bond between the fire retardant layer and the organic cotton layer used on the outside of each Birch mattress. 
FR Layer
The fire retardant layer in your mattress is essential to keeping you safe in the event of an emergency but common FR layers often rely on plastics or fiberglass materials to provide protection. 

Instead, the Birch mattress uses a combination of natural wool fibers and rayon to provide the protection you need without exposure to harmful chemicals. The Rayon used in your Birch is a natural fiber that is created from purified cellulose and is harvested primarily from wood pulp.

The ¼ inch FR layer in the Birch is placed directly below the mattress cover.