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Why Organic Birch Wool?

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We went to nature to find the best possible materials to put into our Birch Natural Mattresses and kept seeing the same answer - natural, organic, and sustainably sourced wool. High quality, temperature regulating, and extremely comfortable, our Birch Wool is uniquely designed to take your sleep to new levels, safely.

Unique Comfort


The high quality organic wool in our Birch Natural Mattress is naturally flexible. The fibers allow for stretch and loft, which provide a comfortable cradling feel in all of our wool mattresses. Soft enough to be cozy, but firm enough to give you support, and designed, along with the latex mattress construction,  to relieve pressure points for back pains and aches.
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Temperature Regulating


Organic wool is great at wicking moisture and is a natural insulator due to its hygroscopic and multi-layer cellular structure. With our built-in organic cotton fabric topper, this breathable sleeping surface translates to a more comfortable and temperature regulated sleep environment. 

Unlike synthetic mattresses, the benefits of wool mattresses are unmatched as this natural material is hypoallergenic (yes, it’s actually allergen and mildew resistant!) while also helping regulate body temperature for better sleep.
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Sustainably Sourced


All of our natural wool can be traced back to the individual sheep farm it came from in New Zealand to ensure quality, sustainability, eco-friendly, and environmentally safe processes. Sleep confidently, knowing that Birch's natural and organic wool mattress is made from natural wool sheared off of free-range, pasture-fed sheep, as all of the farms we partner with are compliant with Wool Integrity NZ™, which guarantees ethical farming practices. See certification.
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Extremely Durable


You know how wool fibers are naturally a little kinky and wiggly? The orthocortex and paracortex natural fiber construction of wool allows for this unique shape. This natural form helps wool retain the shape and loft of your wool bed for longer, providing long-lasting durability and comfort.

For extra loft and support, consider the Birch Plush Organic Wool Mattress Topper.
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Natural Safety


The Birch Natural Mattress features layers of organic wool batting and natural rayon fibers that are flame retardant and turn into carbon when exposed to an open flame. Wool is naturally a great material for fire safety, which is why it’s in this award-winning Natural Mattress. At Birch, safety is a priority, which is why we avoided fire retardant toxic chemicals that are often in memory foam mattresses to help them achieve fire safety standards.

When you get a new mattress from Birch, you’ll know it’s non-toxic, made in the United States, and backed by a 25 Year Limited Warranty, to ensure craftsmanship, quality, and safety you can count on.
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