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Why Organic Birch Wool?

Sheep in a pasture
We went to nature to find the best possible materials to put into your Birch mattress and kept seeing the same answer - natural and sustainably sourced wool. High quality, temperature regulating, and extremely comfortable, Birch Wool is uniquely designed to take your sleep to new levels.

Unique Comfort


High end Birch Wool has a natural flexibility inherent to the fibers which allows for an elastic stretch. This feature provides the comfortable cradling feel within your Birch mattress. Soft enough to be cozy, but firm enough to give you support.
Close up view of the wool coat on a sheep
Temperature Regulating


Organic wool is known to create a natural insulation effect due to the hygroscopic and multi-layer cellular structure. This translates to a regulated sleep environment and cooler nights.
Mountain range on a sunny day
Sustainably Sourced


All Birch Wool comes from farms in New Zealand that are PGC Wrightson Wool Integrity compliant, which sets the highest standards for sustainability. You can feel confident that Birch Wool comes from free range, pasture fed sheep. See certification.
Sheep in a pasture with mountains in the background
Extremely Durable


The orthocortex and paracortex construction in Birch Wool allows for the curl in the wool fibers. This helps to retain shape for longer, providing long lasting durability.
Woman laying in bed reading
Natural Safety


Birch Wool features fibers that are naturally flame retardant, turning into carbon when exposed to an open flame, making it a great material for fire safety.
Baby sitting on mattress