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Why All-Natural Latex Mattresses?

Rest easy with our naturally breathable latex foam.

At Birch, we use only high quality, all natural materials that are safe for you and safe for the environment. This includes our natural latex, which is eco-INSTITUT certified. We’re so confident in our materials that we offer a 25 year warranty on all mattress models, as well as a 100 night sleep trial, so you can be confident too.

Sleep Easy with 100 Nights On Us

Rest assured with our 100 night trial - applicable for the Birch Natural Mattress and Birch Luxe Natural Mattress. If you aren't loving your mattress during the trial period, please contact us and our Customer Experience team will help you donate or responsibly recycle the mattress.
Why Organic Latex?
If you’re considering a mattress with latex layers, you may have come across some misinformation about latex. You may have read it’s not eco-friendly, it can aggravate allergies and that the material is not commonly used. Let us set the record straight. 

Like our other natural materials, our latex is sustainably sourced in nature from rubber trees and sits below plush organic wool and organic cotton to avoid direct skin-to-skin contact. Latex is a premium and common option for mattresses because it provides superior cradling support for your body while also giving a subtle bounce.

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Natural vs. Synthetic Latex

There are several types of latex in production today, so it’s important for you to know the differences between them. Natural latex is tapped from plant life while synthetic latex is created by blending latex fibers and fillers. Synthetic latex can be filled with less than ideal compounds and tends to perform worse as compared with natural latex.
How a Latex Mattress Helps You Sleep Better
At Birch, we are committed to providing a quality mattress that is good for our customers and the environment. That’s why we use the best all-natural products and carefully uphold ethical production standards. What you get is premium sleep on lush layers of organic cotton, wool, and latex that support your body and keep you comfortable all night long.

We recommend customers with a latex allergy consult with your medical provider before purchasing.

Supports Pressure Relief

Our plush natural latex provides outstanding relief for your pressure points. If you’re someone who suffers from chronic, or even occasional back pain and you require a higher comfort level, the Birch mattress is perfect for you.

Comfortable Any Way You Sleep

With a Birch mattress, you’ll get unmatched pressure relief regardless of sleep position. Our natural latex provides exceptional spinal alignment for back sleepers while side sleepers will feel the plush relief on their shoulders and hips. Stomach sleepers will also find that the latex is supportive as it comfortably cradles them
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How Natural Latex Helps the World
Sustainably Sourced

Unlike many mattress companies, all of the natural latex we use is eco-INSTITUT certified for low emissions and pollutants. We use only all-natural latex, made and ethically sourced from natural rubber tapped from trees. Our safe manufacturing processes help to ensure that we can provide you with a great night’s sleep and peace of mind.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It
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5 Stars
Best mattress I’ve ever owned. Absolutely love it.
Brian J.
5 Stars
Made a huge difference to our current mattress, love that its eco friendly!
Dana T.
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