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All-Natural Latex Mattress
 Love your sleep with our breathable latex foam.

At Birch, we use only high quality, all natural materials that are safe for you and the environment. That includes our Talalay latex which is Rainforest Alliance Certified™, eco-INSTITUT Certifed, and has received the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. We’re so confident in our materials that we’re offering a 25 year warranty and 100 night sleep trial so you can be confident too.
All Natural
Naturally comfortable
Produced from rubber trees, latex is a natural material. It contains no harmful chemicals or additives, so its safe for you and for your family.
See OEKO-TEX Certification.
See eco-INSTITUT Certification.
Unparalleled Cooling
Breathable Airflow
Unlike many of the foams used in mattresses, latex is highly breathable so you stay cool and dry while you sleep. The latex used in Birch mattresses has an open cell structure which means that air can flow freely through it, allowing your body heat to easily dissipate while you sleep.
No Sagging
Built to Last
Latex is one of the most durable materials used in mattresses, which means it doesn’t produce the body impressions and sinking that foam mattresses can have over time. That’s why we’re able to back Birch mattresses with a 25 year warranty.
Universal Feel
Comfort No Matter How You Sleep
No matter what your body type is or how you sleep, latex supports and cradles you while you sleep. It provides a bouncy feel so you never feel “trapped” in your mattress, while also contouring to your body to prevent pressure points and keep your spine aligned. Altogether, this provides comfort for all sleeper types and allows you to maximize your rejuvenative sleep.
Sustainably Sourced
Sourced with the Highest Standards
The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ certified latex used in our Birch Mattresses is sourced from closely monitored plantations to ensure that our materials are produced and harvested sustainably using the highest environmental and worker standards.