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Shop the Waterproof Pillow Protector
Shop the Waterproof Pillow Protector
Shop the Waterproof Pillow Protector
Shop the Waterproof Pillow Protector
Shop the Waterproof Pillow Protector
Shop the Waterproof Pillow Protector
Shop the Waterproof Pillow Protector

Waterproof Pillow Protector

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Completely waterproof to guard against spills and stains on your pillow.

• GOTS certified organic cotton 

• Waterproof internal layer

• Breathable design to keep you cool

• Soft, quiet feel for ultimate comfort

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Complete Protection

A breathable polyurethane lamination provides 100% waterproofing, protecting your pillow from stains, spills, accidents, bacteria, and dust mites.

Breathable & Quiet

Breathable organic cotton to allow airflow to circulate to help keep you cool at night. The waterproofing layer is thin and noiseless to provide optimal protection without disrupting your sleep. 

GOTS & Fair Trade Certified

The cotton in the product is GOTS certified organic at the highest level throughout the entire supply chain. Our Fair Trade certification ensures the social and economic well-being of the craftspeople who make the product is paramount.


Birch is committed to only using organic and natural materials that pass rigorous testing and achieve the highest ratings and standards. We also ensure our partners adhere to ethical practices and responsibly source all of our products' organic and natural components.

Learn more about our certifications.
Fair Trade

What Does a Pillow Protector Do?

Nobody wants to sleep on a dirty pillow. But most pillows are spot clean only and machine washing can lead to mold spores or clumping and cause your pillow to lose its intended loft and shape.

With a Waterproof Pillow Protector, you can guard against a build-up of sweat, allergens, and body oils on your pillow. Plus, the Waterproof Pillow Protector is machine washable, so you can quickly clean and dry it. Never again will you have to worry about a dirty pillow. 

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Cover

A naturally soft and breathable organic jersey-knit cotton exterior cover. Natural, undyed cotton.

Waterproof Barrier Layer

A thin, breathable polyurethane lamination provides a complete barrier to liquids.

Sleek, Easy Zip-on Design

Simply remove and wash your Pillow Protector in a cold, gentle cycle. Machine washable.

Product made in India

What's in Our Waterproof Pillow Protector?

Organic Cotton
Every Waterproof Pillow Protector features durable Fair Trade cotton fibers. The organic cotton we use is chosen for its breathability, and the jersey knit design makes it comfortable and soft to the touch. Organic cotton also has better moisture-wicking properties than synthetic fibers, keeping you cool and dry for a better night's sleep.
Organic Cotton closeup texture

The cotton used is GOTS certified, which means it is made with organic textiles and produced employing ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Organic cotton is naturally soft for a luxurious, comfortable feel.
Our organic cotton design offers a soft, breathable feel on the surface and quiet comfort for an optimal night's sleep.
Organic cotton is highly breathable, actively dissipating heat through its pores and facilitating healthy ventilation and airflow.

Machine Washable

Our Waterproof Mattress Protector is machine washable for quick and easy care.

Wash on its own using cold water on a gentle cycle
Tumble dry on low heat and do not iron
Large capacity washer & dryer recommended
Spot clean with water & mild detergent optional 
Avoid the use of bleach
Pillow Protector Size
Pillow Protector Dimensions
21 x 29"
21 x 37"

100 Night Sleep Trial

The Waterproof Pillow Protector includes a 100 night sleep trial so you can enjoy it in your own home and decide if it works for you. Returns are completely free!
Birch Waterproof Pillow Protector

1 Year Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products. That’s why we offer a 1 year limited warranty on our Waterproof Pillow Protector. We want to provide the absolute best products and customer experience.