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Unbox Your Wood Bed Frame

Birch Organic Mattress on Natural Wood Bed Frame with Organic Pillows

Step 1

Short Rails

Locate the notches found on the corners of the short rails and make sure they are facing up. Slide down the short rail into the notches of the legs.
First Assembly Step of Birch Wood Frame

Step 2

Long Rails

Slide long rails down with notches facing down into the corner locating notches in the legs. This step may require two people.
Second Assembly Step of Birch Wood Frame - Adding Side Railings

Step 3

Center Support Beam

Screw adjustable support leg into the bottom center of the center support beam (for King or CA King only). Slide down center support beam into preinstalled brackets located on short rails.
Third Assembly Step of Birch Wood Frame - Add Center Beam

Step 4


Place the individual slats in-between the cut notches of the long rails. Then, enjoy your Wood Bed Frame.
Fourth Assembly Step of Birch Wood Frame - Lay Down Slats

Step 5


All done! Your bed frame is now ready to support your Birch Mattress.
Fully Assembled Birch Wood Frame