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A Mattress in a Box?
How will my Birch mattress arrive? Is it really in a box?
How will my Birch mattress arrive? Is it really in a box?

Yes! Your Birch mattress will be shipped in a box and delivered to your door. It will take about two hours to fully expand when you open it.

Want to learn more? We’ve got you covered:

At Birch, we’re making your mattress buying experience easier than ever before. Instead of spending your Saturday walking through endless rows of mattresses on display, why not just get a brand new Birch mattress shipped right to your door?

Both the Birch Natural Mattress and Birch Luxe Natural Mattress are specifically designed to be compressed, rolled, and packaged for shipping straight to you. We use durable steel coils in the base of every Birch mattress that not only survive more than 10,000 pounds of pressure during the manufacturing process but also quickly regain their shape once opened inside your home. 

We’re taking the hassle out of trying out a new mattress. And we’re proud to tell you exactly how it happens. 
Individually wrapped steel coils

The secret to our bed-in-a-box design is the use of individually wrapped steel coils in the base of every Birch mattress. Instead of relying on rigid, interwoven springs like you might expect from a traditional mattress, our mattresses use hundreds of high quality steel coils that can be compressed, rolled, and wrapped in airtight packaging. 

These 8-inch coils not only provide long-lasting support for the lifetime of your Birch mattress, they also minimize motion transfer across the surface of your mattress by moving independently to support you in any sleeping position.
So, what should I prepare for?

On your day of delivery, your brand new Birch mattress will arrive in a long and narrow box, measuring approximately 42” L x 19” W x 19” H. Package weights will vary by size, ranging from 68 pounds for a Twin to 145 pounds for a King and CA King.

While we know you’re probably ready to try out your new Birch mattress right away, there’s no rush to get it open. Each of our mattresses can remain in its box for up to 4 weeks after delivery with no issues at all!

And here’s a tip: when you’re ready to open your Birch mattress and let it expand, place the wrapped up mattress on your platform or support system before unwrapping. Your mattress will be much easier to maneuver when it’s compressed and rolled than when it’s opened and expanded. 
It’s Open! What now?

You’re almost there - but let’s give it some time. When you first open your Birch mattress, you’ll see it quickly expand to its full shape and size. But it’s not quite ready for you to jump on top and get cozy.

We recommend giving your mattress two full hours to fully expand with no weight on its surface.

Read a book. Take a walk. Watch an episode or two of your favorite Netflix show. Your Birch mattress will be ready before you know it!
Still Have Questions? 

We’re happy to help! If you have any questions about how your Birch mattress will be shipped or what you can expect when it is delivered, just let us know. You can click here to contact our team or you can chat with us right away using the toolbar in the bottom right of your screen.