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How Does the Birch Kids Natural Mattress Rely Only On Natural Materials?

2 image collage with Birch Kids mattress and toddler sleeping in Birch Kids mattress

Let’s face it: in the mattress world, it’s common to achieve desirable goals using undesirable materials. For plush comfort, a lot of brands turn to polyurethane foam. To achieve fire retardancy, a lot of brands turn to things like fiberglass and chemical solutions. 

So how does the Birch Kids Natural Mattress avoid those irritants and other materials while still producing a durable mattress that is comfortable for kids of all ages? By sticking to our mission of relying only on natural and organic materials. 

Below, we’ll break down a few of the solutions we’ve relied on to create an incredibly comfortable kids mattress. 

No Polyurethane Foams

Ever heard of off-gassing from a mattress? It's the release of potentially dangerous odors, or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), expressed by polyurethane foams when exposed to the air. And with a Birch Kids Natural Mattress, it's something you'll never have to worry about.

Our mattresses are made with natural latex comfort layers instead of polyurethane foams, providing essential support and pressure relief without potential exposure to harmful off-gassing.

No Dangerous Fire Retardants

In the mattress industry, it's common to rely on dangerous fire retardants like fiberglass and chemical treatments, both of which can cause skin and lung irritation. But not with Birch. Instead, the Birch Kids Natural Mattress relies on organic wool quilted beneath the surface of the mattress to stifle potential flames and comply with federal fire safety standards.

No Chemical Adhesives

You may not think of glue as a core component in a mattress. But many modern designs rely on glue or adhesives to keep each internal layer in place. And oftentimes, those adhesives can include chemical compounds to maintain a strong bond. Not with us. 

The Birch Kids Natural Mattress relies on water-based adhesives to provide a durable bond between internal layers and keep your home free from exposure to any dangerous chemical compounds.

Still Have Questions? That's OK!

If you or your child have additional questions about the Birch Kids Natural Mattress or any other Birch products, please take a look at our Support page. If you'd like to contact the Birch Customer Service team, please fill out this form or email help@birchliving.com.