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Why are there Two Sides to the Birch Kids Natural Mattress?

Side by side images of toddler playing with blocks next to Birch Kids mattress and Birch Kids mattress showing flip details
You’ve probably seen plenty of mattresses in your life that can be flipped over to extend their lifespan. What you don’t often see is a flippable mattress with distinct firmness levels on each side. 

That is, until now. 

We’ve worked with experts in children’s sleep and development to provide targeted guidance for young kids of almost any age. The Birch Kids Natural Mattress includes age-specific comfort levels that can support and comfort your child’s body from their first nights out of a crib mattress all the way to their teenage years. 
Firmer Side (Ages 3-7)

For young children in the range of 3-7 years old, support is essential. Almost every crib mattress is designed to be firm as a safety measure. But as children grow in those early years, it’s important to continue ensuring support for their back and spine with a firmer feel while also easing the transition from their crib mattress.

To meet those needs, we’ve developed one side of the Birch Kids Natural Mattress with a layer of firmer natural latex, offering a responsive feel that keeps young sleepers from sinking too far into the mattress. We consider this firmer side of the mattress to be a 6-7 on the firmness scale (with 10 being the firmest.)

Softer Side (Ages 8-12)

As young children continue to grow, though, most have developed enough bone and muscle strength to enjoy the additional comfort for a softer, plusher feel. They’re ready for a bit of that pressure relief that so many of us adults crave when we lie down.

So on the softer side of the Birch Natural Mattress, recommended for sleepers ages 8-12, we’ve used a softer natural latex layer that offers a bit more plush comfort. We consider this softer side of the mattress to be a 4-5 on the firmness scale.

Steel Coil Support

Of course, no matter what age your child is, their mattress needs to be durable and long-lasting. In the middle of the Birch Kids Natural Mattress, we’re using hundreds of individually wrapped steel coils that are 6 inches tall to provide sturdy support.

Not only do these coils cradle your child’s body and maintain the proper sleeping position, they also provide incredible durability so your child can continue enjoying their mattress for years and years. These coils are also reinforced along both sides of the mattress to ensure excellent support and help keep young sleepers safely in bed throughout the night.

So, When Should You Flip Your Child’s Mattress? 

As any parent knows, when it comes to young children, no two are the same. Every child will grow at their own pace and develop their own sleep preferences. Sometimes those sleep preferences may even change. 

That’s why we’re careful to explain that the age ranges recommended for each side of the Birch Kids Natural Mattress are just that — a recommendation. We encourage you and your child to try out both sides of the mattress to determine which side they prefer. 
Still Have Questions? That's OK!

If you or your child have additional questions about the Birch Kids Natural Mattress or any other Birch products, please take a look at our Support page. If you'd like to contact the Birch Customer Service team, please fill out this form or email help@birchliving.com.