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Shop The Birch Natural Mattress
Shop The Birch Natural Mattress
Shop The Birch Natural Mattress
Shop The Birch Natural Mattress
Shop The Birch Natural Mattress

Birch Natural Mattress

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Enjoy a more natural night's sleep. 

• Cradling comfort in all sleeping positions

• GOTS and GREENGUARD Gold Certified 

• Made with natural & certified organic materials

• In-Home Setup & Removal available

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Birch is committed to using organic and natural materials that pass rigorous testing and achieve the highest ratings and standards. We also ensure our partners adhere to ethical practices and responsibly source all of our products' organic and natural components. Learn more about our certifications.

Enjoy a More Natural Night's Sleep
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Best Organic


Best Organic


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Voted Best Mattress by U.S. News and World Report

"Birch takes the prize as the best organic mattress"

"As eco-friendly as it is cozy."

Airflow & Breathability

Don't sweat it - each organic mattress comes with an organic cotton cover as its top layer, hygroscopic organic wool, and breathable natural natural latex in order to increase airflow and keep you cool for a good night’s sleep on your new bed.

Optimized For Pressure Relief

Each natural latex mattress uses premium hypoallergenic and organic materials from nature, like sap tapped from rubber trees, to create the right pressure relief and contour for your body. With a medium-firm feel, this is a great mattress for side sleepers, as well as back sleepers and stomach sleepers. 

GREENGUARD Gold & GOTS Certified

Free of any polyurethane foams, formaldehyde, or pesticides. Each mattress is sustainably sourced with your safety in mind. At Birch, our products are highly certified by independent third parties with your safety in mind. Our eco-friendly mattress sets the highest standards of safety for a mattress made with natural materials.

See GREENGUARD Gold Certification →

See GOTS Certification →


Organic Cotton

The cover of our hybrid mattress is made using organic cotton that is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified. It was designed to be highly breathable with a subtle stretch and soft touch.


Birch Kids Natural Mattress organic wool layer

The Birch Natural Mattress relies on organic wool to provide natural fire protection rather than synthetic fire retardants. 


Birch Wool
100% all natural & organic Birch Wool provides unparalleled comfort and temperature regulation. Birch Wool is designed to retain shape with a natural elasticity of each fiber.


Natural Latex

Our natural latex is eco-INSTITUT certified for low-emissions and carefully managed to ensure consistency. This layer cushions your pressure points while giving support.


Individually Wrapped Coils
Up to 1,000 individually wrapped coils help cradle your body while also limiting motion transfer. Reinforced lengthwise sides to provide edge support.


FR Wool
A second layer of wool provides additional fire protection to keep you safe while providing stability and durability to the entire mattress.
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The Birch Natural Mattress combines natural and organic materials for a premium hybrid design that is great for all sleeping positions. Learn more in the video below:

Learn more about the Birch Luxe Natural Mattress

Firmness Scale

See how firm the Birch Natural Mattress is with and without the Plush Organic Mattress Topper
In-Home Setup & Removal Services

Choose from 3 convenient service options and make your mattress setup easier than ever before.

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In-Home Setup & Removal

You can add In-Home Setup & Removal services on the cart page.

We offer In-Home Setup & Removal services on the following product combinations:

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Removal Only

Our team will remove your old products from your home. Please note, this service does not include assistance with your new products, unless products are selected for In-Home Setup as well.

In-Home Setup Only

Our team will unpack your new products and set them up in your desired location. The team will also dispose of any packaging. Please note, this service does not include assistance with your old products, unless products are selected for Removal as well.

In-Home Setup & Removal

The complete package. Our team will come into your home, unpack your new Birch products, and set them up in your desired location. The team will also remove your old mattress and dispose of any packaging.

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Birch Luxe Natural Mattress

Birch Luxe Natural Organic Mattress

Birch Natural Mattress

Birch Natural Organic Mattress

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Starting at $1,374




Sleep Position

Comfortable for all positions

Comfortable for all positions

Featured Materials

Organic wool

Organic Fair Trade cotton

Breathable natural latex

Organic wool

Organic Fair Trade cotton

Breathable natural latex

Coil Details

Up to 1,000 individually wrapped coils with reinforced support under your hips to help cradle your body, align your spine. Reinforced lengthwise sides to provide edge support.

Up to 1,000 individually wrapped coils help cradle your body while also limiting motion transfer. Reinforced lengthwise sides to provide edge support.

Additional Support

Reinforced lengthwise sides to provide edge support.

2 lengthwise reinforced side edges help maintain the mattress' structure and keep sleepers safely in bed.

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Organic Wool

Our wool plays a key role in providing comfort and insulation to your mattress. We strive to supply high quality natural & organic wool, which is why all the wool in our products can be traced back to its individual farms that practice sustainable shearing.

Material Closeup
The orthocortex and paracortex construction in this natural and organic Mattress allows for the curl in the wool fibers, acting as a spring to help retain shape for longer and provide lasting durability.
The high-stretch and versatile nature of our wool allows it to be bent over 20,000 times before it breaks.
The hygroscopic nature and multi-layer cellular structure of wool naturally creates insulation to regulate temperature.
When exposed to an open flame, wool fibers turns to carbon which resists fire. This makes wool one of the safest fibers for fire safety.

Natural Latex

Latex is vital in providing cradling support in the Birch Natural Mattress. We use natural latex sustainably tapped from the tropical rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis, sourced from Sri Lanka. Additionally, we source exclusively from closely monitored plantations, so you can rest assured.

We recommend customers with a latex allergy consult with your medical provider before purchasing.

Material Closeup

Laboratory tested by an international organization to certify low to no emissions or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) present in the mattress. See Certification →

Natural latex is not susceptible to molding and accumulating harsh microbes. It acts as a natural barrier to dust mites.

Our natural latex is designed for optimal airflow through the body of your mattress, keeping you cool while you sleep.

Organic Cotton

Cotton is a highly breathable fiber used in your mattress cover. We use organic GOTS Certified cotton to create fabric that is soft and cool to the touch with a sleek tufted design. Additionally, our cotton is a natural color and provides great moisture wicking benefits.
Material Closeup

The entire Birch mattress, including the organic cotton and other organic materials, is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified, which means our products are independently verified to be free from polyurethane foams while also being ethically produced. See Certification →

Gently woven cotton designed to be naturally soft to the touch for a comfortable feel.
The strands of cotton absorb and wick away moisture, keeping you cool at night.
Cotton is a highly breathable material that actively lets heat dissipate through its pores to help keep you cool.


Steel is used in our individually wrapped coils, providing body cradle and support benefits to your mattress. We use high quality steel designed to last a lifetime.

Material Closeup
The coils that run along the outside of your mattress are reinforced to be firmer, so you don’t have that feeling of falling off the bed when lying down or sitting on the edge.
Hundreds of individually wrapped coils means minimizing any motion felt across the mattress.
The steel coils provide a durability to the mattress, extending its lifetime and performance.
5 Stars
Holy wool! This mattress is insanely comfortable.
Mike M.
Living Organic
5 Stars
My bed's made of 🌾🌿🍀 ...and yours?
Elle P.
Naturally Natural

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In cases of partial approval, a down payment may be required.

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Twin XL
CA King

Due to the handmade nature of our product, mattress dimensions can vary by up to 2" on any given side.

25 Year Warranty
We stand behind the quality of our products. That’s why we offer a 25 year limited warranty on all of our mattresses. We want to provide the absolute best products and customer experience.

We recommend using a bunkie board with a box spring or any support system with firm, flat and thick slats. No matter which support system you choose, the slats should be no wider than 5 inches apart as that could cause sagging and could potentially void your warranty. Learn more

The Birch Mattress was designed with a medium-firm feel. If you're looking for something softer, we offer a Plush Organic Mattress Topper that lays directly on top of your Birch to provide an extra soft layer.

We recommend that you do not keep your Birch Mattress in its original packaging for more than four weeks after receiving your mattress. Spending too much time in the packaging can affect the resilience of the mattress, preventing it from regaining its full shape. Learn more

No, every Birch mattress is made without the use of fiberglass. Birch mattresses are designed with a fire retardant solution made from 100% organic wool. Learn more