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Birch For Good

Birch For Good

We have committed 1% of all Birch sales to be donated to the National Forest Foundation, in support of their effort to plant 50 million trees across our National Forests by 2023. With each dollar donated, one tree will be planted in one of our National Forests, taking us one step closer to our shared goal of reforestation.
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Why the National Forest Foundation?

Our Air

Trees in our National Forests help filter particles in our air by trapping them in leaves and bark. Rain eventually washes them away, leaving them on the ground where they’re filtered by the soil.
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Our Water

The largest freshwater source in the continental United States is found in our National Forests. This source provides reliable water to more than one-third of our population. That’s 123 million people!
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Our Wildlife

Many species of birds and other animals call our forests home and rely on them for food, water, and shelter. Our forests protect fish habitats by preventing erosion, filtering pollutants, and cooling waters.
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