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Safe & high quality organic mattresses made with eco-friendly materials.
Green Mattresses Designed for However You Sleep

At Birch, we want you to have the best night's sleep on your Birch Natural Mattress or Birch Luxe Natural Mattress night after night. That’s why we use premium materials from nature to make a green mattress that is designed to comfortably relieve pressure points and contour to your body. 

Whether you are a back, side, or combination sleeper, you’ll get excellent support regardless of sleep position. All of our mattresses are made with all-natural, breathable latex, hygroscopic organic wool, and organic cotton to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. For those who have upgraded to the Birch Luxe Natural Mattress, you'll also have a plush Euro Top for that extra luxurious sleep you know you deserve.

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Try a Birch mattress for 100 nights, on us. If you don't love your mattress during the sleep trial, contact us and we'll take it back free of charge.

What Are Birch Mattresses Made Of?

Birch mattresses are meticulously crafted with eco-friendly materials that are sustainably sourced from nature and guaranteed free from polyurethane foams.

Organic & Fair Trade Cotton

Along with our other organic materials, we use a breathable organic cotton cover on our natural mattress. It’s soft and cool, with moisture-wicking properties in its tufted design.
Organic Cotton closeup texture

Organic Wool

Birch organic wool is layered throughout the mattress and acts as a natural flame retardant and insulator. Our natural wool comes from New Zealand free-range, pasture-fed sheep.

Close up image of wool

Natural Latex

Our natural latex mattresses all contain a layer of natural latex foam to provide cradling support for sleepers regardless of what position they prefer. The latex is sourced from Sri Lanka. You deserve the best in safety and quality, so we don't ever use synthetic latex in any of our products.

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Natural Latex closeup texture


Additionally, we use steel for the individually wrapped coils in our hybrid mattress. This high-quality steel not only provides substantial support for your body but is also designed to last a lifetime.

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Steel Coil
Quality and Safety
Each Birch mattress is built to last and backed by a 25-year warranty.
Safe for You (& the Planet)

Birch mattresses are safe for all sleepers - made with natural materials and produced without polyurethane foams. Our organic mattresses instead contain all-natural cotton, wool, and latex. 

Our materials are GOTS (global organic textile standard). Additionally, we’ve received a GREENGUARD Gold standard for our safe manufacturing processes. Our mattresses are proven to produce low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which can cause off-gassing and adverse reactions for sleepers.

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Plush Pillow Top
The Plush Pillow Top is designed to add a luxury soft, pillow-top feel to your mattress. Each Plush Pillow Top is 3” tall and made with natural & organic materials, including moisture-wicking organic wool and breathable 100% natural latex.
Organic Pillow
Our Organic Pillow is designed using a combination of 100% natural shredded latex and organic wool to provide the right amount of support and plushness for all sleepers. Latex for a bounce, wool for temperature regulation, and cotton shell for breathability.
Thousands of Real People are Getting a Great Night’s Sleep
The Birch mattress was designed by Helix, the team behind the leading mattress brand in customized sleep. We’ve lived and breathed creating the most comfortable sleep products for years with over 100,000 customers. Birch takes those learnings in comfort and uses all-natural & organic materials.

See how thousands of people are getting more restful, healthy sleep.
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