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Free Eco-Rest Pillow Set

100% GOTS and Fair Trade Certified organic cotton cover, recycled polyester fill. Designed to be both plush and supportive. 

The Eco-Rest Pillow Set comes with each mattress order. Ships in 1-2 weeks.

What's in Our Eco-Rest Pillows?

Soft, Breathable Cotton

The organic cotton outer shell provides a naturally soft, smooth feel and a great balance between breathability and wrinkle resistance.

Recycled Fill

Each Eco-Rest Pillow is filled with recycled materials for a plush feel and medium loft that provides great comfort and support in all sleeping positions.

GOTS & Fair Trade Certified

The Eco-Rest Pillow Set shells contain 100% GOTS and Fair Trade Certified organic cotton which promotes airflow and makes them breathable.

Organic Cotton

Our Eco-Rest Pillows feature highly breathable cotton fibers. The organic cotton we use is chosen for its ability to be soft and cool to the touch, yet comfortable due its sleek, tufted design. Our organic cotton fabric is also a great organic material with moisture-wicking benefits, keeping you cool and comfortable for a better night's sleep.
The cotton shell is GOTS certified, which means it is made with organic textiles, free of harmful chemicals, and produced employing ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes.
Organic cotton is naturally soft for a luxurious, comfortable feel.
The strands of cotton are naturally absorbent and wick away moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.
Organic cotton is highly breathable, actively dissipating heat through its pores and facilitating healthy ventilation and airflow.
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