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Organic Wool Mattress
Our organic wool is naturally breathable and cozy.

There are numerous benefits of wool in our organic mattresses. Not only is it extremely comfortable, but wool fibers also provide a natural insulator so your body temperature stays regulated, and you stay asleep all night. In addition, our wool is naturally flame-resistant which makes it one of the safest fire-safety fibers to use in a mattress. Our wool is uniquely designed to take your sleep to the new levels.

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What’s So Great About Organic Wool in Mattresses?
A traditional mattress can contain harmful chemicals, especially those sources from overseas. At Birch, we believe in using only natural materials. Our organic wool is naturally flame-resistant so there is no need for us to use those harsh chemicals. Unlike the conventional mattress, your new mattress from Birch will be made with natural fibers that are both safe and uniquely comfortable. 
Common Myths About Wool
Even with all its wonderful benefits, you may be hesitant about purchasing a wool mattress. There are, after all, several myths rolling around about this material. We’d like to address some of these misconceptions.

Wool Allergies

While you may be under the impression that wool causes symptoms such as watery eyes and other allergies, studies have shown that it’s actually lanolin, a protective barrier applied to wool clothing, that causes them. You’ll be glad to know that Birch uses high quality, hypoallergenic wool in our mattresses, so this will never be an issue for you.

Wool Is Too Itchy

When you hear about wool being used in a mattress, does it bring to mind visions of the old scratchy wool sweater from your childhood? While poorly made wool clothing can cause skin irritation from the friction against your skin, our high-quality, soft wool won’t. Plus, our wool is used on the interior of the mattress underneath a layer of organic cotton, and wouldn’t ever come into contact with your skin. 
What Else is In This Natural Wool Mattress?
Our organic mattress is made with only the highest quality components, found entirely in nature. Our non-toxic materials include ethically sourced organic cotton and all-natural Talalay latex as well. 
Organic Cotton
Our natural mattress also includes luxurious organic cotton that is used to weave a breathable mattress cover. This organic cotton is soft to the touch and will keep you cool and rested all night long. 
Natural Latex
Our natural latex mattress is created with 100% organic Talalay latex sourced from rubber trees found in Asia, Africa, and Brazil.
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No sheep (or ecosystems) were hurt in the making of this mattress.
Creating a high-quality product that improves the lives of our customers is one of our most important goals, but we never do that at the expense of the environment or the animals within it.

Sustainable & Natural Materials

At Birch, we want to provide luxurious, natural bedding through the sustainable sourcing of materials found in nature. We are committed to safely using these resources by being responsible in our procurement and manufacturing of our mattresses, and we back that up by meeting standards and achieving the highest level of available certifications.

Ethical, Cruelty-Free Wool

Our wool is ethically sheared from New Zealand sheep which not only isn’t harmful, but is actually necessary in ensuring the sheep maintain a high quality of life by helping them regulate body temperature, improve cleanliness, and maintain good joint mobility. We go the extra mile to make sure the farms we work with maintain compliance with the PGC Wrightson Wool Integrity Program which guarantees best farming practices with free-range, pasture-fed sheep. 
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